Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

St. Margaret of Cortona School makes a commitment to each student and each family that we will work together to enhance every child’s academic experience.


The primary purpose of St. Margaret of Cortona School is to offer each child the spiritual, intellectual, personal and social foundation through which he/she will be able to lead a productive and fulfilling Christian life.

Our academic standards reflect a Christocentric philosophy where the Gospel is nurtured through a unified effort of parents, teachers and the total school community. The students reflect our goals as they move beyond the classroom to celebrate and extend Christ’s message to the Christian community.

We strive to cultivate the varied talents of our students through intellectual, artistic, physical, emotional, and social development, always stressing the importance of the individual within the framework of a value-oriented community. It is our goal to send each student on to higher education with a knowledge of his/her Catholic faith, self-knowledge and a commitment to helping others.

Our school accomplishes these goals through its policies and procedures and through a unified curriculum, which utilizes varied approaches that attempt to meet the needs of each student while enhancing his/her individual abilities.