After School Care Program – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my child in the After School Care Program?

You enroll in the ASP by completing a ASP Reg Form and returning it to the office with the required $25.00 registration fee per child.  This form provides the ASP Staff with your contact information in case of emergency, and also lists the individual(s) who have your permission to pickup your child in your absence.  No child will be released to any person who is not listed on the registration form without prior written notification to the ASP Director.

Is the After School Program a structured environment?

Yes.  A routine is in place so that on a daily basis the children know what to expect.  Upon arrival they enjoy their snack and socialize with their peers, followed by outdoor play time and then homework.

Are the children supervised at all times?

Absolutely.  Your child’s safety is the most important thing to us.  There is never a time when the children are left alone.  We have multiple staff members available to ensure adequate supervision.

What are the after school hours of operation?

The ASP starts at dismissal and is available until 6:00 pm.

How much does it cost?

The ASP rate is $15.00 per day/child until 5:00 pm and the extended day is $20.00 per day per child until 6:00 pm.  Half-day rate is $25.00 for the day.

What Is drop-in service?

Drop-in service is available to parents who do not require after school care on a regular basis but use our services as needed.  Simply send your child to school with a note informing the teacher and ASP Staff that your child will attend the After School Program that day.  This service requires you to pay at the time of pick-up. Your child must be registered for the program in order to utilize this service.

How do I plan the days that I need after school care?

You will be given a monthly calendar/invoice in advance so that you can choose the days that you will require after-school care for that month.  We understand that schedules change, and we want you to have the flexibility to plan your child care accordingly.

How do I pay for the program?

Your payment is due on the first Friday of the month, when you submit your monthly calendar/invoice to the ASP Director.

If my child misses a day, can he or she make it up?

No. Credit for missed days will not be given.

What if I require after-school care on a day I did not plan for?

Don’t panic! Your child will always be welcome in the ASP.  Just send your child to school with a note informing the teacher and ASP staff that your child will attend the ASP that day.  You may choose to include payment with the note or you can pay when you pick up your child.

I need after school care on a monthly basis but can’t pre-plan my schedule? What do I do?

No problem. Contact Chrissy Morland, After School Program Director, at 718-548-4862 to work out a plan that best suits your needs.

I don’t need after-school care but my child wants to attend to play with his or her friends. Is that okay?

Absolutely.  It’s a safe and fun place for kids to socialize and enjoy physical activity.  As long as your child is registered for the program, he or she is always welcome.