St. Margaret’s provides instruction for students in Kindergarten to Grade 8. The instruction includes strict adherence to academic standards. Emphasis in the primary grades is placed upon mastering the tools needed for continued academic success: Reading, Writing, Language Arts and Mathematics. Students in these grades are also introduced to Social Studies, Science and Computer Instruction.

In the Middle School, students use these tools to develop a broad-based understanding of the World, Christianity, Science, Technology, Communication Mediums, Advanced Mathematics, Social Studies and Foreign Language.

In all grades an emphasis is placed on understanding our role in society from a Catholic perspective. Where appropriate, special emphasis is placed on sacramental preparation.

We understand that creativity needs to be nurtured, and as a result, St. Margaret’s offers regular instruction in music and art to students in all grades. Through this instruction, our students are able to explore their artistic tendencies and foster these talents in a constructive environment.